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Member Perks

SCWA offers members a web page on this site to announce and promote publications, works-in-progress, awards, etc.

                  - ​Elaine Bowden

                - Joe A. Bowden, PhD

                - Kathleen A. Butler

                - Linda "Lin" Farmer Harris

                - Annette Hutchins

                - Janelle Wootton McQuitty

                - Denise J. Murray

                - Connie L. Peters

                - Nancy Shockley

2018-2019 SCWA Officers

President — Connie Peters

Vice President Kathie Butler

Secretary — Connie Peters

Treasurer & Calendar Editor — Annette Hutchins

Chaplain — Karen Pease

Member-at-Large — Dale West

Editor of The Scribe — Connie Peters

Web Master — Linda “Lin” Farmer Harris

About SCWA

SCWA has served the four corners area of Southwest Colorado and Northwest New Mexico for 38 years. You are invited to join SCWA for upcoming meetings. Read our Constitution and a bit of our History.


Annual dues are $30 and includes the Scribe newsletter,  a personal page on this website in the Member Bureau, announcements of your publications, emails about markets, publishers, etc., plus discounts for the annual mini-seminar and annual conference. The SCWA fiscal year begins January of each year. Member dues are calculated from the month you join.


For more information about SCWA, contact Connie Peters —

2017 SCWA Member Created Calendar


SCWA 2017 Calendar is free to members. Extra copies—$5.00.

Contact Annette Hutchins—

Member Contributions to Calendar

January—Jean Campion, Photo & Poem
February—Annette Hutchins, Poem
March—Nancy Shockley, Photo
April—Karen Pease, Photo
May—Annette Hutchins, Photo
June—Connie Peters, Photo
July—Elaine Bowden, Photo
August— Annette Hutchins, Photo & Poem
September—Kathie Butler, Photo & Story
October—Denise Murray, Photo
November— Denise Murray, Photo
December—Linda Farmer Harris, Photo